How to use Instagram Stories to Grow your Business

28th May 2021

Let’s face it, Instagram is where it’s at for many businesses, especially those that sell products that look great in imagery. However, having great imagery is not always enough to grow your engagement.

Growing your engagement is a two-way process. If you want to create a true community on social media, there needs to be interaction; you need to take your followers on a journey they can be a part of. Here are some suggestions for finding, keeping and connecting your new followers. 


Successful engagement comes from connection
However you choose to do it, telling stories allows them to be a part of your journey. Many followers love a natural, unedited story that gives a glimpse into your world.


Question stickers give your followers freedom
If you want a fun, interactive way to foster a sense of community then these are great discussion starters. It gives your audience the chance to have their say and you get an insight into your audience’s opinions.


Poll your followers
This sticker allows you to ask a question with two answer options. An incentive for your followers is that the results are displayed as soon as they respond. Not only are your followers heard but they can gauge the opinions of others, boosting the sense of community. If you want to do market research, you can ask more unique questions relating to a product or add a bit of personality with modern slang for humour or target a particular demographic. 


Let your followers connect, live
Embrace the value of modern technology by connecting with your audience in real-time. This gives a really personal touch to your content as you can respond to live comments.


Broaden your content with UGC
Feature your followers by reposting user-generated content (UGC) to your story. Whether it’s relevant quotes, product reviews or topical conversation, credit other accounts and allow them to contribute to your brand.


Create some shareables
Popular influencers have created branded wallpapers, fill in the blanks and editable to-do lists. This is a brilliant tool if you’re building a brand and want your followers to be a part of it.


Finally, when doing all these things, maintain a cohesive aesthetic. Instagram stories are a snapshot of what your company, brand or product represent so the optics need to be consistent. Engagement will really depend on how successfully you are able to create an easily identifiable image. There are plenty of custom tools you can use on Instagram to personalise your content and make your followers feel that they are part of a wider community. 

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