Social Media Planning During the COVID-19 Era

19th May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is teaching us all hard lessons, personally and in business. With experts telling us that life will have a ‘new normal’, how we manage our businesses both online and offline will have to change – and that includes marketing and engagement on social media. But are you currently struggling with how to stay in touch with your followers?

Social media is a fantastic tool for not only marketing your business but engaging and listening to your followers. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, what to post and when may not be too much of an issue but with the global coronavirus pandemic at our doors, what we post and why takes on a new sensitivity, especially if you are still using various platforms to market your products and services.

Should your business be posting on social media if it’s is closed?

The closure of many businesses has resulted in 7 in 10 British businesses furloughing staff. And the economic outlook is tough. For any company, adapting and being resilient means a change in how things are done but should you be posting on social media if your company is closed?

There is no reason why you can’t post on social media, providing you are not asking your furloughed social media marketing manager to do so. That said, there needs to be a new sensitivity about what a company posts in these strange times.

Listening to your audience

People are far more sensitive during the current crisis. They are concerned about the future and how it will look. These insecurities make for a more reactive audience, and that means treading carefully when it comes to the content you post.

What your followers don’t want is a continuation of what you have always posted, but they also don’t want to be bombarded with coronavirus related posts alone. So, what does a balance between the two look like?

  • How the pandemic is affecting your business but not with a woe-betide-us attitude. Remember, people have lost loved ones to the disease and so suggesting your business is badly off will not go down well and will damage your reputation in the long term.
  • How you are adapting your business to keep your staff and buying public safe. Buyers and followers want to know you are looking after your staff’s well-being before profit.

What about the frequency of posting?

Some businesses, including those that are still trading online, have reduced the frequency of posting, especially content that has a strong ‘selling and promotion’ feel to it. Many brands have started or become involved in hashtag campaigns linked to the pandemic and lockdown life. In other words, they have kept the tone of the content light while keeping their brand in front of their audience.

No right or wrong answers to the social media posting questions during the pandemic

There are no right and wrong ways of social media planning during the pandemic. How you respond, and with what kind of content, will depend to a certain extent on the type of business and who your followers are. Acknowledging the pandemic and lockdown but not overly dwelling on it seems to be the status quo.

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Craig worked with us and our pupils until we got the design we wanted, he gave us many options to choose from and the final result is amazing

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