The Benefits of using Video to Promote your Business

22nd July 2019

Video is now the most engaging content online, read how easy it is to introduce video into your marketing strategy now.

Whether you’re a consultancy or a trader, you’re sure to be trying your best to market your business online. It can be difficult to know how to reach your audience best, so there’s a good chance you’ve been trying a number of different methods. However, you might not have considered video as part of your marketing management. If you haven’t, then there might be reason to – especially if you look at the below benefits…

1. People Love Watching Videos
The fact that the majority of people are spending most of their days staring at a screen searching for places, people and products, that video has become a staple in everyday life. YouTube alone have over 1.9 BILLION users logging-in on a monthly basis, with more than 70% of those users watching from their mobile phone. So, it is no secret that using video to promote your business is becoming an imperative tool for B2B Marketing, web marketing and Social marketing.

2. It’s Cost-Effective
In the past, a video would have been a costly accessory and not so easily accessible. It is becoming so readily available at a click of a button now and there are many companies offering such services. Get the right one, and you can broadcast your brand in a tremendously attractive and shareable way.

3. It Gets the Message Across
Using video allows you to give your brand identity an uplift and ‘get with the times’. Online advertising is the easiest and quickest way to reach your target audience now. It has been reported that only 20% of the average webpage is being ‘read’, whereas a video that has been well thought out, and that includes your brand could be interesting enough to keep the viewer watching until the end. This means you are able to get your message across better.

4. It Connects You Better
With some good marketing management, you are able to stand out from other businesses. A lot of businesses that use video for promoting their businesses and event promotion will then follow up using SMS, email or telephone conversations.  In this day and age, you can step away from the disconnection that these forms of communication create by following up using video. It could ensure your potential clients and existing ones feel a lot more connected and will give your business a more personal approach. This is known to create repeat and long-term customers as they may feel a lot more connected to you – especially if they can ‘get to know’ the people behind the business. This could be of real benefit for new businesses, as it gets the conversation started in a more personal way with their audience.

5. You can Learn and Change with Analytics
Finally, with today’s technology, it’s possible to view analytics for your videos. You can view how much of a video has been watched, if it has been watched and how many times it has been watched. This way, you can tweak your marketing efforts towards creating content your audience really wants to see – which could improve your reach considerably.

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Three key things I liked about working with Craig, he listened, he came back with 3 different concepts that reflected what I was after in different ways, he did everything in collaboration as we refined the concept into a banner that I’m delighted with. On time, on budget and spot-on design work – I’d recommend him to anyone.

Chris Batten - Director, Francis C Scott Charitable Trust

Always meets the brief and provides a creative insight to marketing and design. Also, great fun and easy to work with!

Robyn Huntington - JARG Limited

Craig supported Oaklea with our recent Employee Conference in November 2017.  Craig met with Oaklea Team Manager’s and Customer’s across a large geographical area and filmed videos of our employees and customer’s ‘getting involved’ in the community.  Craig collated the videos using Oaklea branding and worked with myself to fit with the vision of the Employee Conference. The videos were exactly what we had asked for and they were great to see at the conference.  Craig made QR codes and the videos can now be accessed via social media’

Helen Wilson, HR Manager - Oaklea Trust

We can't thank you enough for your amazing work. You have been thrown in the deep end with our last minute demand yet the results are superb. I really value your clear communication, the fact that you explained what you are going to do and how it's gonna work. You have made two videos that tell the story exactly as we needed. I really appreciate and value your expertise. You are a star!

Eva Vávrová - Founder and Director of Reconnection

Craig worked with us and our pupils until we got the design we wanted, he gave us many options to choose from and the final result is amazing

Gillian Temple - Head Teacher for Mayfield School